TJTV Is a podcast dedicated to the world of television and its various themes. Hosted by Tim Rattray, and joined by ABT founder Julia Alexander, the goal of the semi-regular podcast is to examine the issues surrounding current television shows, past shows, and the future of the medium in a compact thirty minute space. 


Episode 001: House of Cards

A Bard's Cast


Episode 004: A New Generation. In this week's episode, ABT's Ustad and Julia sit down to discuss two important topics. Ustad talks about his hands on experience with the PS4 and Julia talks about the Preacher/AMC announcement that she's ridiculously happy about it. 


Welcome to A Bard's Tales official weekly podcast, 'A Bard's Cast.' Myself and co-host Ustad Khaira bring you conversations on the topics you love with a variety of guests. In ABT's first ever podcast, Ustad and I discuss whether comic book film adaptations should stay truer to the original body of work they're referencing as we prepare for 'Thor: A Dark World.' 


 In episode two of 'A Bard's Cast' we talk about web series exclusives, like the recently announced Netflix deal with Marvel, and how television networks will eventually have to change their business plans for the "A.D.D. Millenials."


It's the third episode of A Bard's Cast! Ustad and I give our official Thor: The Dark World reviews and sit down to talk about some of our favourite consoles and titles throughout the year, and most importantly, what we want out of this next generation of console gaming.