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Julia Alexander - Founder/Editor-in-Chief

Twitter @loudmouthjulia

Julia Alexander describes herself as a facetious mischief maker, refers to her Twitter account as her uncensored autobiography, and when writing online bios, refers to herself in the third person.

A graduate of Humber College's Print and Broadcast Journalism program in Toronto, Julia spent the majority of her childhood writing up fictitious accounts of other peoples lives only to realize that was an actual job. You just couldn't make it up.

Obsessed with pop culture as a medium, Julia gravitates towards film, television, and gaming, often times writing opinion pieces and reviews about the different titles that enters her life.

By day, Julia is a National Online Editor for Sun Media. By night, she writes for various publications including Polygon, Little White Lies, and Canoe. She's also the host of A Bard's Cast, the weekly website hosted on this site. Her good friend Ustad Khaira helps out. He's a pretty cool dude.


Ustad Khaira - Managing Editor/A Bard's Cast co-host

Twitter: @u_khaira

Have you ever heard of Ustad Khaira? No? Well that’s surprising. Let me tell you a little about him. Ustad is a person that does things. That’s how he describes himself. Wait, you want more? Well okay.

He graduated from the Journalism program at Humber College, which is pretty cool I guess. He was born and raised in Brampton, Ontario but he doesn’t want you telling anybody else about that. He loves playing video games, watching TV and movies, reading comics and novels. That whole thing.

He writes, podcasts and does videos about those things. Which is awesome because he doesn’t really want to do much else with his life. He also does this thing called creative writing, but just kinda burns/deletes his stuff when he’s done.

You should pay attention to this little magazine/website thing he co-founded and is running called HUD Magazine (once it launches).

Feel free to ask him what to put on your pizza.

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